Notes for applying

The fast development of a company needs a large number of talents. Forproduction and development requirements, Jaten cordially recruit talents inpublic, welcome those who have ambitious and enthusiasm to join us! It isbelieved that a win-win relationship can be established between us!

1. If you are interested in Jaten, you can call us for detailed information.The person who meets our requirements will be invited to the company forinterview:

Interview time: 9:00am - 12am, 14:00pm-17:00pm.

2. After receiving the company’s notice, pleasetake your resume and relevant documents to the appointed place for theinterview on time.

3. For application via e-mail, please do as the following format:

Subject of the mail: name + post

Attachment: name + post

Contact person: Ms. Zhao


Tel: 0757-22385308         

Fax: 0757-22230496


Address: No.13, Fengxiang Industrial Park, Daliang, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong,China