History & Events

2002:Jaten establishedin Shunde

2003:Introducehigh-temperature nano-composite materials with invention patents

2004:Produce fixture and non-standard automation equipment

2005:Startto develop automated guided vehicle (AGV)

2006:1stgeneration AGV applied in electronics industry as trail

2007:2ndgeneration AGV applied in electronics industry in small batch

2008:JatenAGV used in automotive industry

2009:Jaten comprehensively promote AGV development with IPD

2010:Jaten AGV apply in automobile industry in large scale

2011:Successfullydevelop lifting type AGV for assembly line

2012:Successfullydevelop and apply inertial navigation AGV

2013:JatenJTS1 laser navigation platform land successfully

2014:Introducestrategic investor VMT

2015:Inertial navigation AGV wins 2015 CESA 1st Prize

            Liftingtype AGV wins 2015 China Red Star design Award

2016:Both inertial navigation magneticnavigation AGV win Reddot Award