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Chairman note

The manufacturing industry of China has been labor-intensive in a long time. Wang Yang, the secretary of Guangdong Province, clearly put forward that the local government would change the production model after taking office, that is, they will move out high energy-consuming and low-value added sectors while bring in and develop advanced manufacturing, making Guangdong become a pioneer for innovation in China; Shunde will be a crucial city because a number of creative industry parks have been built there. “Science and technology is the first productive force”.  Guangdong Jaten Robot & Automation Co.,Ltd. follows the trend of the times, and is determined to be a pioneer in advanced manufacturing by using advanced manufacturing technology to liberate front-line workers and take place of labor-intensive production mode.
Jaten, at the beginning of its business, developed and produced the first composite stone materials in Asia, which totally changed traditional welding procedure of PCBA in IT industry, greatly saved manpower and resources, improved the quality of products and raised the quality of computer mainboard from 70% to 99%. By popularizing the new material, we have created a series of miracles in the beginning of twenty-first century, that is, the welding jig of PCBA used in I-PHONE, X-BOX and Nintendo are made by Jaten. Although customers only think of Jobs and Bill Gates when they are using these high-tech products, we still feel very happy because we know we have made our contribution to these products.
Jaten started to make a study in Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) in 2005, and launched its first simple type AGV in 2008. Up to now we have produced a series of highly intelligent AGV, which can cooperate with AGV ordering system first developed by ourselves. All of these products make us outstanding in advanced manufacturing industry and become the focus of manufacturing and media. We provide complete plans, including automatic online, offline and transshipment on route, for some industries like IT, automobile and food. I realize that we are also launching an advanced manufacturing revolution, which can liberate workers from boring and dangerous working environment. We are honored and proud of what we are doing. High intelligent AGV will be our main R&D direction. We will pay attention to the real application of our achievements and   do contributions to the building of unmanned factory. With the development of Jaten, we believe more and more workers will not work overtime and they can have more time to enjoy life!
Thank you!