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Magnetic navigation ultra-low lurking type AGV 500KG of towing capacity One-way forward
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Tag:automated guided vehicles, mobile robots, agv products
Magnetic navigation, highly cost effective, accurate localization.
The height of vehicle body is 170mm.
Small and flexible, Suitable for various work environments.
One-key-lifting drive unit, easy to maintain .
Safety protection:sound & light alarm, obstacle avoidance sensor, mechanical anti-collision device, E-stop button.
Application: automobile, electronics, appliance and other industries.
TypeLurking & towing
Driving  ModeOne-way

Rated Load

30:1 motor reduction rate500kg

Speed30:1 motor reduction rate5-25m/min
Grade Ability1%
Turing Radius≥800mm
BatteryDC24V 24AH, lead-acid battery
Typical ApplicationEsquel Group