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AGV can delivery material to all directions (forward/backward, rotation and sidewalk), and lift up/down material at specific height. It is commonly used in medium and large motor manufacturing and assembly line.
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Tag:agv guided vehicle, agv warehouse
Two-direction, flexible turning, smooth sidewalk

Can carry maximum 1500kg material

Apply in limited workshop space environment, heavy machine assembly line.

Can carry maximum 1500kg material

Application:Automobile, airplane, aircraft, vessel, heavy machine industries.

TypeMagnetic navigation carrying
NavigationMagnetic tape (magnetic bar)/RFID landmark control;
Driving  ModeOmni-directional mobile (forward/backward, turnaround, turn left/right)
Rated Load1500Kg
Speedstraight 30m/min, turning 20m/min
Grade Ability2﹪
Turing Radius>530mm

Ni-Cd battery; DC24V,120AH

Online automatic charging, ensuring working for 24h

Typical Application