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AgV-192-MN500 is a carrying and lifting AGV designed by Jaten, which uses magnetic navigation technology, It can carry 500KG of material. It can be widely used in automotive, electronics, home appliances and other industries.
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1. Carrying AGV. It can carry 500KG of material
2.AGV is equipped with a special chassis structure for in-place rotation
3. Equipped with magnetic navigation landmarks, can be docked at multiple stations
4. Safety protection is more in place, 180 degrees to avoid obstacles to ensure safety
TypeCarrying and Lifting AGV
NavigationMagnetic Navigation
Driving  ModeForward/ Backward/ Turning/ Can be rotate in place
Rated Load500KG
Grade Ability≤2%
Turing RadiusCan be rotate in place
BatteryDC24V/ 60AH
Typical Application