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AGV-CQD37-MC1000 is one of lurking and towing type AGV designed by Jaten, it uses magnetic navigation technology. The construction is simple, this AGV is highly cost effective. It can transport 1000kg of material. It’s small and flexible.
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Tag:automated guided vehicles, mobile robots, agv products
Navigation Advantage:magnetic navigation,cost effective,accurate localization
Small and flexible:Suitable for various work environments
Convenient maintenance:one-key-lifting drive unit, easy to maintain
Safety protection:sound and light alarm, obstacle avoidance sensor, mechanical anti-collision device, E-stop buttons
Application: Applies in automobile, electronics and appliance industries
TypeLurking & Towing
NavigationMagnetic Navigation
Driving  ModeForward/ Backward
Rated Load1000KG
Grade Ability2%
Turing RadiusR1000mm
Battery60AH Lithium battery
Typical Application