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Welcome to the World of AGV Robotics!

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We are on the edge of an insurgency that might be as significant as the revelation of the intensity of steam or the PC chip. We are entering the Autonomous Age – where robotics get through to discharge individuals from performing complex yet basically dreary capacities at work and in their homes. For a long time, we at JATEN have been effective in actualizing and building up our skill in autonomous robotics in the field of Automated Guided Vehicles (Read increasingly about our AGVs). JATEN would now be able to discharge our robotics stage for various business divisions. 

AGV Robots and System Working:

The onboard AGV-control system is created to be less exorbitant when contrasted with different innovations, without trading off the usefulness, adaptability, and quality required. By controlling our in-house structure and assembling of AGV hardware, which is sold under the trademark AGV Electronics, we can ensure 20 years of extra part conveyance.

Functions of AGV System:

JATEN offers best in class Automated Guided Vehicle traffic control answers for applications extending from a single vehicle to complex coordinated multi-AGV frameworks (Read progressively about our AGVs). An assortment of systems is accessible for various prerequisites and applications. The principal highlights of the full-scale AGV systems are: 

?Windows/PC based customer/server technology

?Nonstop thin band or WLAN correspondence to AGV's 

?AGV Traffic the executive’s crash evasion and course advancement 

?AGV Transport request the executives 

?Easy to use graphical interfaces 

?Interfaces to other PC frameworks and I/O 

?Simple design, development, and adjustment of the AGV directing 

?Complete Emulation for quicker advancement 

?Broad Event Logging and Diagnostics 

JATEN has an extraordinarily adaptable method for giving AGV Traffic Control and System Management arrangements. Contingent upon the desire or limit of the client JATEN can offer: 

Turn-key arrangements – giving total frameworks improvement and site establishment 

Permit assertion – with source code accessible – to empower our clients to create AGV frameworks 

Complete frameworks – or good arrangements – from worldwide driving automated material dealing with integrators over the world.

Jaten - Home of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AGV System:

JATEN's exceedingly created calculations, programming and robotics and leaps forward in handling force and sensor innovation currently empower us to offer autonomous arrangements over a wide scope of modern and administration applications. Regardless of whether it's the automotive business, ports, cultivating or medical clinics, we have an answer that can change your business. Envision utilizing your kin to enhance instead of simply rehashing what they did yesterday. JATEN is creating organizations with worldwide makers of world-beating items where independence apparently is the differentiator of things to come. JATEN will give: 

?Robotics configuration recognizing what is ideal in independence and how to create it in your item 

?Prototyping – we will manufacture the primary unit with you including robotics and UIs 

?Concurred generation robotics bundle – giving the independence to your item 

?Continuous robotics configuration support – staying up with the latest and discharging future items 

?Progressing administration support – streamlining your client's autonomous venture 

JATEN can go about as your provider or be the system integrator of your frameworks for your clients.